Like many in my community I am perplexed by your negative and often nasty comments. I am unsure why you bother to engage with us.
I am sure you have put yourself out there and shared your passions in some way terrified to be judged and criticized.
I have the same fears every day, my products are handmade and I put so much care into each order. My staff and family can not understand why you would make such unsupportive comments about our business.
I care fiercely about my business, my customers and the community we have created together. I started a business based on my passions, we have been going almost 10 years and I am very proud of what I do and my wonderful customers and the community we have created.
As you can imagine having a small business business is very hard in regional Victoria especially at the moment. We are all on edge and your comments are upsetting.
When you make these comments it is like you are criticizing one of my children, it hurts. We may think we are disgusting, expensive or whatever ... that is fine but do you need to tell us!
Of course during COVID times hankie lovers are being more vigilant and responsible, I see people doing some unhygienic things with tissues and face masks every day not sure hankies are the only thing we have to worry about.
Do you know by commenting and engaging you will attract more hankie content and advertisements. if you dont like us fine, we are not for you.
I could argue the benefits of hankies and why I love them but I respect hankies are not for you and I respect your opinion please respect that we LOVE them for many reasons not just blowing your nose.
Take care & stay well
Owner, Boutique Heidi


  • Llevelyse

    I love handkerchiefs! Do you have a shop or is all of your business done online?

  • Antoinette Gatto

    These hankies are beautiful but what I love most about them is how responsible they make me feel. We all owe it to our unique planet. There is only one Earth.

  • Erin McCuskey

    Love love love hankies! So glad you addressed the bullies, ignoring them does not make them go away. I admire your strength, and your incredibly beautiful hankies! Erin

  • Heather Stewart

    Heidi, I haven’t seen the comments to which you refer, but my advice is to completely disregard them. You are obviously strong in your convictions, otherwise you would not be running a successful business. Well done, you! I know a (male) primary school teacher who encourages the students to bring hankies, rather than rely on the required box of tissues from each child, each term. He explains how handy they are, and useful in cases of blood noses, wiping hands and other unexpected events in the yard at school. I love hankies, and yours are gorgeous!

  • Robyn Wood

    Heidi, I wouldn’t even bother about responding to the Hankie Haters. I didn’t see their comments and certainly won’t go looking for them. I have your Hankies and I have gifted them to my sister. We both love them, the quality and workmanship is top quality, and why justify the price, they are work every cent. As the good old slogan says, “You get what you pay for”. Keep up the excellent work.

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