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Giving & Receiving

When sitting down to write about Mother's Day and all the feelings it evokes, the ups, downs and the round abouts of emotions ... it started me thinking.

I love to give and feel I am good at the art of gift giving. Then I started to think.... and I realised that maybe I am not the best gift receiver.

My mum gave me this photo recently for my birthday, I had forgotten about it and I was soooo excited to receive it! I squealed with joy! 😝

This is me below..... I remember this day and absolutely loving this dress and tutu!! It was a dress I preformed in singing and tap dancing to ... What are Little Girls are Made of! Sugar and Spice and all things nice!! (such an inappropriate rhyme now!!!)

I still have this dress, it was on a notice board in my bedroom growing up, I still have the notice board with the dress pinned to it. 

As many know I believe it is not the actual item that is important but all those feelings associated with the item we treasure. Like a Handkerchief, this pink dress  has so many good memories and feelings.

This time when I saw the photo I saw more than a dress.....👗

  • The Photo is blurry .... that never happens now! Who takes a 1 blurry and keeps it...  now our photos are smiles, sunshine and editing
  • I am not really smiling, maybe I dont look happy ... .... I know I am happy ( I am wearing a tutu!!) 
  • Little girl peaking around the corner,  I never noticed her before, eyes wide open and now I am intrigued who she is!
My mum gifted this photo to me, and some way she I wish she kept it. I started to wonder did she give it to me because she was cleaning up and did not want it? Or did she know how much I would appreciate it?
When giving we give thought to the gift... what would that person like, their loves, passions and we give based on these aspects.
When my mum gifted this photo to me, did she know what this photo, dress, moment meant to me?
Receiving this gift did I give it too much thought? 
When you receive what are your thoughts... love, care, kindness ? Or does your mind go else where ....creating your own story behind the gift? 
The joy behind the photo and dress started to become something else.  I think I need to work on my receiving....   receive with the same loving, sincere thoughts that I give.

Love always, enjoy Mother's Day 

H x 💖


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