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Our Green Hankies

We try to be as green as possible, we think we tick a few boxes in greenness and supporting local business. Our mission is to ensure all packaging is minimal and made from recycled materials and we hope our packaging reduces the need for additional wrapping.

Liberty String

The packaging and wrapping we use whether it be paper, boxes and ribbons we want you to be able to use them again. Whether to wrap another gift, write your shopping list or send your own parcel. This is why there is only a small amount of branding on our packaging, it is neutral and simple so you are more likely to use it again.

We try to source everything locally our Handkerchiefs are all created in Ballarat and we use local printers and suppliers where we can.  

We are always looking for Australian fabrics and organic where possible, which is a constant mission but one I am passionate about. In March we will launch a Liberty organic range, my ultimate dream is to have an environmentally friendly handkerchief range that is created purely from Australian fabrics.

Are we Eco friendly?
We try to be....

  • All of our packing can be recycled, you can use the Handkerchief packets to write your shopping list.
  • Your order is wrapped tissue paper, wrapping paper or a gift box that you can re-use or recycle.
  • Our post boxes are compostable & biodegradable 
  • All soft plastic and paper is taken to a recycle center 
  • Our cardboard boxes, rolls and interesting bits are given to a local school

Our fabric remnants go to many homes...

  • Larger pieces are used to created remnant boxes that we sell on occasion through our website (minus the pieces my daughter claims to create doll clothes)
  • Long skinny pieces are used for wrapping smaller handkerchief orders 
  • Shorter skinny pieces are given to a crafty lady called the Crafty Squirrel🐿✂ in our street who hade a giant ball of Liberty string..... it is stunning!
  • Smaller pieces that you dont think can be made into anything are donated to a local school in Crewsick

Led by the amazing Jane at Creswick P-6 the students have created some masterpieces using our fabric pieces. In 2020 the students practiced their weaving skills and created these beautiful wall hangings from our left overs. 

"The kids are enjoying the beautiful fabrics, ribbons etc and will be using the cardboard later for construction! Jane Xxx"  

I think it just beautiful

Heidi x






  • Prue Baker

    My moment is just that The L sized handkerchiefs that I ordered from you were lovely but they are a bit small for a man.
    Any chance that you might increase the size and include Extra Large?
    The men in my family all commented on the size. They are used to the regular 40cm
    Thank you

    Prue Baker

  • Margaret

    Thank you for your superb business….beautiful, useful, environmentally suitable handkerchiefs, suitable for everyone, and wonderful gifts. Thank you for your idea, and efficient implementation of it. Lovely fabrics! And greener to come!

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