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Hankie Bon Bons

I love a Christmas tradition and here's one that we adore in our home... Hankie Bon Bons!!

This will had a special home made touch to your Christmas....Hankie Bon Bons! Not only are these fun little presents to keep everyone entertained at Christmas.

These are especially perfect for little kids and adults' as you can tailor them to suit your family. 

Step 1  - Getting Started  

To start, cut down your paper roll so that it's longer than the toilet paper tube on each side. can use small to large hankies  - the hankies  can be all the size and pattern of tailored to the individual, eg Car Hankie for Grandpa

Using the double stick tape like you're wrapping an oddly-shaped gift, tape down one edge of a hankie, and then on top of it, tape down the other edge. The hankie should form the same tube shape as the toilet paper tube, but longer. 

Start by tying the bottom end of the tube with a ribbon (Just like with the hankie, the prettier your ribbon, the better). You can also use fabric, string, or twine. 

Using the side that's open, place all of your surprises inside. Work slowly and carefully until the tube is filled. We include jokes, sayings and of course a party hat inside of each but that is up to you

Once you've finished, tie off the open end with your ribbon. You should now have what's looking like a Christmas Bon Bons! 

Gently arrange the hankie so that it looks good all fanned out at the ends. How easy was that? you can purchase the little cracking pieces from craft shops if you still want the popping noise.

Place a name tag on them if create for the a specific person, a very cute place setting—they're quite the conversation starter.  

Enjoy & Take care



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