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HANKIE LOVERS are clever!

When the world is now scouring the supermarket shelves and fighting over the last tissue box, hankie lovers are sitting calming with a smile and drinking a cup of tea. I was totally unaware of the shortage of tissues until this week....... I thought aren't we clever little hankie lovers!!❤️

There was a time when carrying a handkerchief used to be as common as carrying an extra phone charger in your car. Not only was it an accepted practice to keep this handy cloth on you for practical reasons but it also served as a cheap way to accessorize clothes and add colour to outfits. It wasn’t until Kleenex was invented in the 1920s that this started to change. More people began to use disposable tissues and while it never completely went away, the hankie began to be less and less a part of people’s everyday routines.

But there is still many of us who never lost sight of the hankie’s many benefits and continue to use them today instead of tissues.

As we all know Hankie lovers are prepared, caring, giving and of course stylish. 

Hankie lovers ….

  • Always carry a hankie in their pocket, sleeve or bra
  • Have a spare hankie in their bag for cleaning glasses, their phone, or wipe hands or sweat away
  • Know that a little gifts like hankies are often the best and always well received
  • Have a gift draw or cupboard with hankies ready to give when the time arises
  • Are stylish, carrying a hankie is elegant and charming…. And most hankie lovers have a matching hankie for their outfit.

In fact, one could argue there’s never been a better time to switch over from wasteful tissues to luxuriously soft and stylish hankies.

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