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My Grandfather

My Grandfather was one of the most important people in my life and¬†he still is ūüíó

We all carry a piece of those special to us - wearing a piece of their jewellery or an old coat,  maybe a handbag or watch.... or a Handkerchief.  These special people and their memories are a permanent fixture in our lives, we carry them with us everyday.


This is about the 4th time I have tried to write this, I look at this photo of my Grandfather at my 21st with his hat in his hand and I am transported back to that moment. I see this photo every day, but today I cried and cried.

I have mentioned my Nanna's love of Handkerchiefs, but they were also a regular accessory of my Grandfather. I miss seeing a Handkerchief in my Grandfather's hand.
My Dad always has a Handkerchief in his hand, every time I see this I am bought back to those special time moments with my Grandfather.
I want to hold my Grandfather's beautiful large warm hands again for just a moment.

Heidi ūüíó

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