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So my mum gave me a Hankie! ūüė≤ (and it wasn't one of mine)

You may have read the story behind my love of hankies .... my mother has always given me hankies, it has been a traditional in our family. I have been given many hankies prior to starting my business, I have a wonderful collection and it is the one present that you can always give me.

My brothers always asked me what would you like for your birthday.... and I would say knickers or hankies!!  Knowing I would always receive hankies... never the knickers!

So when I started Boutique Heidi people stopped giving me hankies and for the past 10 years no one has given me a hankie until now.

It was recently my birthday and my mother gave me a HANKIE!!! 

I was horrified!! I shouted ... MUM!! HOW COULD YOU GIVE ME A HANKIE??? (it is not even one of mine!!) I think she avoided the question and changed the subject or said something like... well yes I thought you would like the design (and I did).

I thought what am I going to do with this! I am a traitor, my mum is a traitor!! 

So it sat on my dressing table for days, when I had time to pause, I realised how special this gift was. The simple little gift sparked many memories, reminded me of our connection and why hankies are so special to us both.

I finally have to admit ....I feel very special because no one had given me a hankie for so long. I was so happy to have a new little memory keeper to carry and hold.....  that reminded my of my mum and had a story. 


So my mum gave me more than a hankie.... ūüíó

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