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We have successfully adapted but.....

We have successfully adapted but.....

It goes without saying we are all a little over COVID, lock downs, uncertainty, anxiety and stress. Here is Ballarat we have just come out of a 7 day lock down, yes it sounds great ... we are out!(and is great!) but we are all on edge not knowing if COVID is still in our community or if there will be another snap lock down. So how can you truly relax? 

Stress levels are high and this new normal still doesn't feel normal. We are worn down, tired and over it.... however I feel like we are still the lucky ones.  Our business has adapted and we continue to work  independently without contact. I rarely see my team and some team members have never met. Everything is done by text message, photos, detailed notes and the occasional phone call.

All deliveries including fabric, boxes, packaging are dropped at my front door by my wonderful Australia Post delivery guy who know me, my family and dogs well. Once the fabrics are delivered we assign them to a maker detailing the requirements including size, amounts and deadlines. The fabric is then left with the makers name and detailed notes outside my front door ....  and collected by my team of sewers and embroiders.  It is a very simple contactless system that allows pick ups and deliveries at any time. We use text to advise items are ready for pick up, have been picked up or have been delivered.  I think it must be funny to see my team of ladies picking up and dropping off items at all hours!  I wonder what my neighbors think!

Luckily our packaging warehouse is very close to my home  which makes transportation and working easy.  Once we have the handkcheifs we press and package them, we take shifts to ensure we are COVID safe and often work alone or from home.

This system works well and when we are in lock down all our makers are very pleased to have work they can do at home safely. The downside is our team never sees each other... I rarely see anyone, which is why I am always up for a chat if you call me!

I am grateful for your support, your messages of thanks, your kind reviews and telephone calls. 

Take care, stay sane! 

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