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Who makes our Handkerchiefs?

Who makes our Handkerchiefs? Where are they made?
The answer is we do in Ballarat, Victoria! We have a team of beautiful women 👩👩👩, who sew, iron, package and personalise our Handkerchiefs all based locally.
Many of those who sew our Handkerchief are Lucas women... do you know this Ballarat story? E LUCAS & Co was more than just a textile company. The iconic House of Lucas was a family-owned brand operating in Ballarat, Victoria from 1888, employing hundreds of people in the local area.
Lucas was famous for their attention to detail and the quality of their work, and we are lucky to have these inspiration women and many other local women creating our beautiful handkerchiefs. Being local is very important to us, our handkerchiefs are created by a team of local talented women, and our packaging is designed by my husband and printed in Ballarat.
Our handkerchief design and sizes have been created after years of trialing different options; we created three sizes - small, medium and large featuring a 1cm hem. We take a lot of time to select the designs and plan our range, we choose fabrics that will complement each other and appeal to our customers.
It is important to us that our packaging is environmentally friendly; we want you to recycle or re-use it. Which is why we use our fabric remnants to tie a bow around your order often matching your Handkerchiefs
❤️ My husband’s Birthday Present
"My husband loved his gift. The patterns were perfect and before opening he admired the Liberty fabric bow. I shall be using the bow in an art quilt so that will not go to waste. We certainly shall be returning customers Great customer service Thank you"
❤️ Beautiful Hankies
"My hankies were delivered promptly. They were packaged beautifully, all ready for gift giving. The quality of the fabric is so soft and fine. Will purchase again, they make lovely thoughtful presents. Thank you so much"
We hope you enjoy our Handkerchiefs
Stay well
❤️ H

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